BBCIf you can’t figure out what this is then you don’t really deserve to even visit the site.

Lib Dems For Borris A little humour from our more realistic colleagues at the Lib Dems. Only to be taken with a pinch of salt of course.

Status IT
Nice and cheap printing and IT hardware and consumable supplies from our friends at Status.

– All your daily news delivered by a cyber babe, apparently. But is it really worth that much effort Mr. Programmer?

- Send messages, chat and leave pictures for your friends, there is even a Queen Mary section pre-established! It’s good to stay in touch.

PLSTHX – A humour site, with the added bonus of games too – ooooh. Everyone needs a hobby we guess.

Lib Dem Watch A nice little site that tracks the ins and outs of the Lib Dems; revealing the ridiculous nature of their policies and their respective drink problems. Did I just say that?

Labour Watch – Track Labour like the Liberals. Expose their faults and laugh at their lies, be they to the public, parliament or themselves.

Borris Watch – Keep track of Borris every step of the way. We love Borris.

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