The Society That Never Sleeps; nor do it's Members for That Matter! - 26th September 2006

Welcome to the new, and happy return to the old. This has been a long summer - but not one where we've taken any time off from being active members of QM's best society for Socialising, Adventure and yes, Political Intrigue. All summer our members have been out and about and continuing in the vein of having fun and enjoying all that our association can offer. From a two motor launch sailing trip in the South of France for twenty of them, to attending regular wine receptions and meetings in Parliament; when the summer comes it's not always lazy days! And now we're back? Well, the future looks bright! For those already on board from last year there's Bratislava in a couple of weeks, and for those who aren't, this years activities are being tabled now and throughout the year so sign up at our discounted rate and keep your eye on our
Future Events. Ccheck out the rest of the site too, and as usual don’t hesitate to Contact Us with your questions or comments. It's going to be an exciting year for QM Conservatives! We’re glad you're with us!

Freshers Fayre in E1 - 22nd September 2006

For all those in attendance, it is clear that Freshers Fayre is a mass of societies and clubs all scrabbling for your attention and your money! So we've tried to be a little different by temporarily lowering our subscription fee to £5 (membership) and also by only encouraging those who are genuinely interested in socialising or the politics to get involved. This tactic has triumphed fantastically and with more than 200 interested signees we look forward to a bumper year at QM Conservatives!

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