New Site, New Society, New Vision -

8th January 2006

First things first; We are proud that this new site will help us to keep you, our important members and followers, informed of the entire goings on of our society. Already the site includes pages of information on
Future Events, Photo’s of Past Events, Party News, Executive Biographies and their Rantings, a page dedicated duly to Your Comments and opinions, links to our Favorite Sites and the all important Membership Page, where you can apply to sign up if you haven’t already seen the light and done so. We will shortly aim to expand the site beyond its current reaches to include a member’s only section that will incorporate a chat room, shop and much more besides. For now, we welcome one and all to explore the site at will, and don’t hesitate to Contact Us with your questions or comments. This is a going to be an exciting year for QM Conservatives and we’re glad you’ll be here to bare witness.

ReFreshers Fayre in E1 - 18th January 2006

A successful little bit of promotion for the society, if it is only a mini event in comparison to the interest that the Freshers Fayre itself gathers. The VP David McCoy, with the aid of other members of the Executive and invited guests, fielded questions from many interested parties in attendance. A big thank you goes out to each and every one of them. We look forward to welcoming all of the new members of the society accrued at a future event in the next couple of weeks.

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