Sammy Squirrel; A QM Conservatives VIP -

1st January 2006

We are proud to announce the outrageous behaviour of Sammy has fallen happily upon us. This cheeky little fella has made it his quest to find himself in the most adventurous, obscure, outrageous and downright bizarre places that he can. We’ll help out Sammy by having a very special section of this site dedicated to his activities where we can all keep up with his antics. So how do you help? Well, all you need to do is donate £1.50 to Sammy, via our committee members, at any of our society events. He’ll then accompany you wherever you go, as he’ll be yours to keep, and with camera in hand you’ll be able to aid Sammy in achieving his outlandish little goals. Perhaps we’ll see him straddled atop one of the seven wonders of the world or maybe snuggled up in the warm bosom of Jodie Marsh. The best location, truly befitting a star like our Sammy, will be judged by a very special public figure, and a great prize will be duly forthcoming.

Port and Policy, The Presidents Birthday -

13th January 2006

Continuing the rakish behavior of a society that loves to celebrate the important days in it’s committee member’s calendars as well as it’s own, the Presidents birthday was the feature of this weeks events. With a simple reception at the favorite haunt of any respectable man or woman on a Friday evening, The Crusting Pipe, society members and invited guests gathered, before going forth and multiplying. Quickly dashing into the Punch and Judy Pub for a few ales and an encounter with a Tequila Girl, the gathering throng were then displaced to Retox Bar. Here, bottles of liquor, the introduction of Sammy the Squirrel, and dancing ladies proved the Presidents activities of choice. Thanks to all wo attended. See you Friday for more. Photos

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