Port and Policy, The Special Intercollegiate Officers Birthday -

9th December 2005

In time honored tradition QM Conservatives pays homage to each member of its Executive in celebration of their birthdays. This, the Intercollegiate Special Officers birthday, was testament to that tradition. Meeting on a Port and Policy evening in Covent Garden, members of the society and Mr. Perry’s special invited guests met for an afternoon of drinks, before heading for dinner at Liverpool Street, then Phase at KCL Union. The incursion of Italian tourists armed with a giant rat, fez wearing, early retirement, scantily clad young ladies and copious drinking were all present and enjoyed by everyone. View this event.

A Big Thanks
- 15th November 2005

QM Conservatives extends its thanks to Kings College Conservative Society for a most enjoyable evening spent in the company of Francis Maude, Conservative Party Chairman in November. The question time style panel featuring presidents from Kings, UCL, LSE and Queen Mary’s as well as Francis, fielded questions from the floor on all manner of party and social concerns. This event offered a great insight into the ideas floating around for the reform of our University system, the payment of fees, and the options already in place in other countries. Even if some of the systems advocated are wholly unrealistic for introduction in this country, it was a great evening of feedback that we hope the Party Chairman has taken on board.

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