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22nd January 2006


Felt I must write to say that you new website is an absolute corker. Seriously amazing, and I just couldn't get away from the thought  "gosh, I wonder if I could join.."

Do you need an "inter-party non-academic representative"??

Absolute tops anyway.

Tom P-P.

26th January 2006

Dear Sir,

Just wondering if the women in the photos are in the QM conservative club, or are they hookers? They seem incredibly beautiful and I imagined tory women to be like Ann Widdecombe! I would be most greatful if you could tell me as I think it could be a great promotional tool for you club.


Tom C

Ed: Thank you for your enquiry Tom, though i'm sorry to disappoint; i'm afraid they are simply beautiful women and not the ladies of the night you seek. We'll pass on your compliments to our members though, and we hope you find what you are searching for.

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